Akademi Güvenlik Eğitim Merkezi 

 Private Security Services Act 5188 and related legislation on the private security guards working for Public Security in the complementary nature of the framework, using scientific methods to examine the current education system;

Special Security Department coordinates, Police Academy, Education Department, Hacettepe University Faculty of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Department of the Development of Private Security Training and Head of cooperation Project (ÖZGEP) was initiated.

All work will be carried out under ÖZGEP Project; formal institutions with stakeholders in the performance of private security services, universities, civil society organizations, private sector organizations, is carried out, ensuring the participation of representatives of all parties operating in the private security field.

For this purpose, the private security profession and the education system, examining all its dimensions using scientific research methods, special safety training system structural condition of the curriculum, materials, educational standards and educational environments are developed proposals legal and structural solution for the detection of problems in the application investigated in detail.

As a result of the project; private security education system is ideal and sustaining a modern structure, the personnel performing private security services, equipped with the knowledge and skills of professional security guard, aims to contribute to Turkey's democratic development.

The project comprises four stages.
First step; No special security professional analysis,
Second step; Do the training needs analysis,
Third step; The creation of new training programs,
Fourth step; Private security training required in visual areas needed to develop written materials and interactive training covers the implementation of legal and structural changes.

In order to implement the first phase of the project; Security General Directorate of Private Security Department and the provincial units, from Hacettepe University, a private security and protection program within the main service area with private security personnel from the university; Buildings, Facilities and Security of Sites, Temporary Operations, Transportation Centers, Strategic Location, People Protection Services, Money and Valuables Transport and alarm with enough audience will consist of the Monitoring Centers 13 to 16 June 2014 in the Bolu "Private Security Development Project of Education (ÖZGEP ) Job Analysis Workshop "was conducted.

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